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BioSig for Octave and Matlab: A biosignal processing toolbox for Octave and Matlab

BioSig for Octave and Matlab is a software library for biomedical signal processing. Many dataformats are supported and the toolbox provides a unique interface to read many formats. Writing of several common file formats is also supported. Based on this interface, a powerful viewing and scoring program called SViewer is included. Most functions can be used with Matlab and Octave. Several useful algorithms are implemented such as QRS detection, algorithms for stochastic model parameters (autoregressive, multivariate, time-varying, etc.) in the TSA (time series analysis) toolbox, which is also part of this project. The handling of missing values and artifacts is supported, assuming that NaN (not a number) encodes artifacts and missing values. As already mentioned, BioSig for Octave and Matlab is prepared to cover various aspects of biomedical signal processing. Therefore, this toolbox is subdiveded into the following categories:

BioSig for C/C++: A C/C++ library providing reading and writing routines for biosignal data formats

A library for accessing several data formats is implemented (The list of supported formats is available here). The library is used in save2gdf (a converter between different file formats), mexSLOAD (mex-file for faster loading of data into Octave and Matlab), SigViewer (see below) and a Swig-Interface to Python.

BioSig LogoSigViewer: A viewing and scoring software for biosignals

SigViewer has moved to

rtsBCI: A realtime BCI system implemented in Matlab and Simulink

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